Not a review – Just a quick video look at the 100 Revolving Restaurant in Manila Philippines. It is the only revolving restaurant in Metro Manila;   The GoPro cam captures some of the feel of the Incredible 360 degree Penthouse views from the 33rd floor of the MDC building. It is located off of C5 road in the Libis area of Quezon city (Eastwood City)



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Appetizers at the bar
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GoPro photo of manila Skyline



  1. It looks like “100” would be an exceptional place to visit…. especially at night…Unfortunately, I would have to pass on the experience..I really do have Vertigo, and I fear that I would be holding on to the columns for dear life, until some very strong person could grasp my hand and lead me (crawling!!) to Ground Level Terra Firma!!!

    1. There is seating in the restaurant off of the rotating perimeter for folks that can’t hack it. I asked if people ever freak out and they said sometimes people request to be moved to a stationary table.

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