Ride the Pasig river ferry from Makati for a quick look and feel of Metro Manila’s Binondo Philippines in a video walk through of the oldest Chinatown in the world. This day trip exemplifies what i say about visiting the Philippines “Every time i’m there i see something that amazes me, inspires me, and something that just breaks my heart” … Yeah, Talagang talaga (For real 4 real)

Manila Philippines Chinatown
Where are all the Rickshaws?

One of the craziest things i see in Manila are the Power lines, they are twisted, and rerouted, and hanging, looping, beyond disorganized. They were hanging so low the guys had to climb on top of this truck to lift and manipulate them so the truck could drive through without tearing down the power cables.

oldest chinatown in the world
Power cables in Manila are crazy

It was heartbreaking to see how many street kids were destitute in this area of Manila. I was prepared with a backpack full of food to donate, but i wasn’t prepared to see how bad off some of the kids were. One little child didn’t have pants (or shoes, or undergarments) He was being guided by another child, and could barely walk.


Chinatown street kids in the Philippines
Homeless children in the street
Donating food to homeless children in Manila's Chinatown
Giving out food to street children
Manila chinatown bag of food for donation
I always have a big bag of food when in Manila
Chinatown street children
Did you eat yet today?

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