The first video in a series profiling living and working in Metro Manila’s Eastwood City, Philippines.  This video features the Cybermall , City walk 1 & City Walk 2. Eastwood is a modern lifestyle concept city designed for residences, shopping, dining and Corporate offices (for) BPO work.

Eastwood citywalk opposite cybermall
Eastwood citywalk

Manila bargain shopping at the weekend Bazaar, and a quick look at some of the menu items from my favorite restaurant on the City walk side the masarap pag-kain (Delicious food) sa Pho Hoa resto.

The  Cybermall also known as Cyber One was the first Mall built in Eastwood City. The first two floors are occupied by the usual mall type shops. But i find there are a bit more tailored to business services then casual retail.

Eastwood mall courtyard opposite cybermall
Eastwood mall courtyard

The third floor hosts the fast food style food court that i would not recommend. Most of this food is laden with MSG, the exception being one or two of the pastry/bakery shops. The other 28 floors are used as business premises. Mainly BPO (business process outsourcing) companies (like IBM). There is always a quick security check when entering the mall, metal detector, cursory bag inspection. I had been asked to remove my hat or sunglasses once or twice going through a check. So now I just take them off as i approach the guard. There is a 2nd security check where you will need to trade your ID for a visitor badge. Only if you want to visit one of the businesses on the upper floors.

The cybermall has a cool new Archery place, I checked it out briefly but did not stop in to see how the old skills are holding up. The little kiosks are good for cell phone accessories, makeup and one or two shops sells computer related electronics. Always a discount for a cash sale, but the PCs (Acer/Lenovo) that are on sale here are mid-grade, no items on display, or in stock with more than 4 GB of RAM installed.

There is a money remittance center here, as well as a location to send packages (or money).