Eastwood mall courtyard Manila
Eastwood mall courtyard

In the Philippines, Manila’s Quezon City is home to fabulous Eastwood City. A modern lifestyle concept city designed for residences, shopping, dining and Corporate offices (for) BPO work. The concept city is the dream child of the Megaworld corporation.

And despite never-ending construction in Eastwood. They are building Phase 2 a few miles away which they are calling Arcovia City.

Check out the second video in a series profiling living and working here in Manila’s Eastwood city.

As a foreigner supporting U.S. Call & Data centers, working hours are from 8am to 5am, it presents some unique challenges, and some fun ones too. I no longer personally don’t support Starbuck’s because of their GMO corporate policies, but there are three of them in Eastwood. And they are open to 3am in order to support the graveyard shift workers. There are still a few other coffee places as well. There were two Coffee bean and tea leaf locations, both have closed. But one is to reopen soon here in 2017.

This VLOG features the Central Mall courtyard, and the mail Eastwood mall itself. I do a walk by of many of the restaurants, and a stop into one of my favorite restos on the Mall side; “My Thai kitchen” and quick a look at some of the dishes from their menu.

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