Check out my GoPro Travel & Lifestyle video highlighting the beautiful, charming and private Villa Lanterna mini hotel on Boracay Island Philippines. A wonderful, welcoming, and relaxing vacation destination; perfect for a refreshing and fun vacation visit to one of the world’s top 10 beaches  (Voted #7 in 2015)

Philippines hotel on Boracay
Common area

I always check out airbnb as a first option before looking at a hotel when planning a trip.

The villa was a surprising and wonderful find on rental. There were a few room options to choose from, the one i chose was on the ground floor, the premiere rooms were on the 2nd floor.

Philippines hotel on Boracay
Set back from the road – But easy to find

Very nice clean and comfortable room, solid safe for valuables and cable TV. I spent almost no time in the room, and when i was in it – I was asleep within minutes. Boracay has so many activities and destinations. Even just a day on the beach in that hot Pilipinas sun can really knock you out.

Philippines hotel on Boracay
Nice, quiet room with all a traveler needs

There was a wonderful, fresh and delicious kitchen cooked breakfast included with the stay.

I was up so early, I would buy fruit from the vendor near the beach, and come back for (the breakfast) as an early lunch. I think they stopped serving it at 11am.

Philippines hotel on Boracay
Included breakfast was great as an early lunch

I’m definitely headed back – And the wonderful owner Ms. Gladys at Villa Lanterna was so genuine and personable, she and her staff ade the stay feel like i was staying with friends of my friends. When I return, it will be like i’m visiting old friends.

I thought the stay was more than a bargain, especially with the breakfast – I can’t recall the exact rate, but it was under $30.00 per night.

Philippines hotel on Boracay
The Villa is charming
Philippines hotel on Boracay
Boracay main road at the Bolabog road intersection





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