Boracay Island, a quick, inexpensive trip from Manila. A tropical paradise, often touted as being over commercialized.  It is a beautiful island, the White beach was Voted top 7 Beach in the world for 2015.  The Lonely Planet noted it as the 2nd best beach destination after Palawan. See it all in this day one Go Pro Travel video highlighting the short flight from Manila Philippines to Kalibo airport in Aklan Province. It is on the Island of Panay  where there is a 90 minute ride to the small port town of Caticlan.

Philippines province
Not much to see in Caticlan Philippines

Now Caticlan is just where you pay your port fee (and environmental fee) to get a Banca boat to hop over to paradise island.

I thought of it as a quick trip, and was surprised to see the Chic adventure travel Vlog call it the worst island ever. However, after reading her blog. I can see how one or two variables along each leg of the trip could have made it somewhat aggravating. I think that the time of year you visit may play a big part in how crowded, or touristy it is.

Maybe also a factor, I’m a middle-aged big, bald dude. Probably less of a vendor target than a younger, lovely woman would be.  I went in March, before the Unholy holy week exodus occurs from Manila. I personally found culture alive and well at the Villa Lanterna. And also in a few interactions I enjoyed with the locals. But i think the novelty of me speaking in Tagalog paved the way for the hospitality element of kultura ng Pilipinas to be present.

Philippines boracay
The banca boat that takes you to Boracay beaches

Boracay is a small island, just about everywhere is a short walk to a sweet beach.

Which is what i did as soon as i dropped my bag at the villa. And later after a shower and quick nap walking along white beach in Station 3. You can end the day with a breathtaking sunset. Then a freshly caught seafood dinner by the waters edge. There are many restaurants to choose from that are quality (Not crap fast food). I found the island to be relaxing, as well as vibrant. I loved being able to buy fresh fruit from the vendors. Or delicacies like “turon” a banana barbecue egg roll yummy things purchased right on the beach.

Philippines sunset beach
Beautiful white beach sunset

I loved it – Hope you get a chance to do so too!


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