Tukuran falls is an adventure! Check out the video on YouTube of the Hidden waterfall paradise in Puerto Galera Philippines. It can be a fun day trip, or it can be a jungle excursion. Have you ever dreamed of trekking up endless waterfalls? Does the idea of being in a secluded jungle wilderness appeal to you? Perhaps the challenge of finding another cascade to discover; or another of the endless deep chilly fresh water pools to relax, meditate or play in calls to you? Pagkatapos ang jawn na ikaw ang mga kaibigan ko. (Then this is already your jawn my friends!)

Tukuran waterfalls
Tukuran waterfalls

So get ready, pack a day bag, some water, and some insect repellent and get prepped to roll, or climb as the case may be. Or if you’ve been storing up your tomb raider moxy, then pack the tent and some survival gear and set out for parts that are (allegedly) literally unknown to modern man.

DJI magic waterfalls
DJI Mavic Pro at Tukuran falls

One of the amazing things about the run of falls at Tukuran (and there are many amazing elements) is that the slope of the falls is rarely steep. And where it is a bit steep the boulders and banks are manageable for scaling up and around.

Climbing waterfalls
Climbing the falls

When I say endless waterfalls – I mean…. Endless!

I was surprised, amazed, thrilled when I sent my DJI Mavic pro up to 200 meters and saw the falls meandering down from the mountain for farther than the HD camera could see. If seeing wasn’t believing, the conversation I had with the oxcart driver who took us to the base of the falls drove the point home. He was an older Filipino, born and raised in Tukuran. He told me that as a younger man he followed the falls up the mountain, after two nights and three days, he turned back. To his knowledge, no one he knew has ever traveled far enough up the mountain to find the source of the falls. The fresh fruits were abundant, especially the Buko and Niyog.

DJI Magic waterfalls
Tukuran waterfalls go for miles

Now if you just want to go and have a splash and enjoy for half a day, Tukuran has you covered. Just bring a power pack for your favorite selfie cam. It is remote, but you can buy bottled water, or cold beer at the little shops at the base of the falls. They even serve fresh cooked meals. I purchased a bottle of fresh honey here that was so pure and sweet, I could taste the honey comb.

fresh honey at the Waterfalls
Fresh honeycomb honey

The first time I visited the falls, I described the cascade and pool as a harmonious sweet spot in the universe. As if the positive energies of mother Earth had coalesced there and chilled just waiting for those lucky enough to find them. I didn’t know at the time that I would return there. But a couple of years later, when I started piloting the drone; I knew I wanted to fly it over those falls.

Granted it is a bit of a haul to get to the location from Puerto Galera, but you will pass by the Tamaraw waterfalls on the way.

Tamaraw waterfalls
Tamaraw falls Puerto Galera

Tamaraw is another really nice spot to chill, grab some fresh Buko juice, or just snap a few awesome photos. You could probably make it a day trip in itself, the Tamaraw falls seem more like a facility, it is a bit of a water park feel, with the man made pools and spillways.

Tamaraw waterfalls
Tamaraw waterfalls

Getting there & costs

There are many day tour operators, as well as tricycle owners that will take you to either Tamaraw, and/or Tukuran falls. The going rate on White Beach was 1500Php to go to Tukuran (About $30.00). If you ask around and haggle a bit like we did, you can get a driver to take you there for 1200Php. To just visit Tamaraw the price started at 1,000Php, but we found a guy who would take us there for 800Php.

Tamaraw waterfalls
Fees for getting into the Tamaraw pools

Once you arrive at Tukuran falls- There is an additional cost. The Caribow cart, a water buffalo hitched up to cart that will take you another 1.5 really bumpy kilometers to the base of the waterfalls. The cost for the driver and cart was 450Php (About $10.00) with a 50Php tip. The entrance fee to climb the falls is 50Php per head.

Cart to waterfalls
The Caribow cart

I think you can still walk to the waterfall. But you will definitely need a guide unless you are rolling with some GPS or decent map and compass skills. I’m not sure what a walking guide would charge. But the Pinay that attend the souvenir stands at the falls will follow your cart (or hitch a ride with you) and may offer to guide you up the falls. Granted they are hoping you will purchase a souvenir, food or beverages from the little shops they run. It is likely they would guide you to the waterfalls for less than the cost of the oxcart. But be prepared to walk for 45 minutes to an hour. And you will cross at least 3 shallow rivers. One of which you will need to walk up (or along) for at least 100 meters.

What should you bring with you on the waterfall adventure?

Footwear is key! Bring a pair of shoes, or rubberized sandals that will protect your feet from the stones and gravel. Your shoes will ideally have a decent sole that will also allow you to climb up and over the boulders. A good pair of Aqua socks would probably do the trick. I was good to go with a pair of Vibram 5 finger shoes on my first trip. The 2nd trip I opted for Rocky S2V Hot weather, light-weight ‘walk em dry” combat boots. These were a bit overkill. But I can’t afford to risk a foot, or ankle injury. Better safe than sorry. Warning: If it rains, the boulders that are usually easy to traverse can become very slippery! Flip-flops won’t cut it.

Fresh cool waterfalls
Fresh cool water

An umbrella, a waterproof sack, a towel, a change of clothes and a power bank is advisable. The trip back to Puerto is much more comfortable in dry clothes.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment here, on YouTube, or use the contact form here on the www.videolux.org site.

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