Hello and welcome to the guideline page for guest posting. I’m primarily interested in Aerial drones, travel hacks, tips & tricks and Digital nomad tools and insights. Other topics include hidden getaways, budget travel and experiences studying foreign martial arts from native practitioners.

Additionally humanitarian causes, lessons learned, organic, vegetarian, healthy living and Non-GMO proponents are also topics I support, even though I don’t touch on the subjects very often in my vlogging (yet).

Please use this page to contact me, and use the subject line “guest blogger” when filling out the contact form.

Or feel free to check out some of my GoPro & DJI Mavi Pro videos on YouTube

I was reading a Blogpost recently that suggested the Top 10 Reasons why you should start Guest Blogging. The blogingrace post goes into detail on the points below from their article online.

1. Grow your reach for wider and new audience:
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Thank you for considering guest posting here on Videolux.org


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Combat Arnis training in the Philippines