Welcome My name is Eric – The content on this website is mostly related to GoPro video and blogging about why (and how) i left corporate America, and what is awesome about living in the Philippines. The subjects covered branch from some world travel, Martial arts, and shopping!!!! Sometimes i feature why is isn’t always so fun in the Phils. I am working on Product reviews, best day trips, restaurant and spa reviews – Primarily from Metro Manila Philippines. But also to include Visayas and some US destinations usually National or historic sites.

I’m working on many kinds of “How to”, FYI (and CYA) videos from the Metro Manila region now – Please check out the full range of video content by subscribing on YouTube, and see all the cool camera tech, outdoorsman, travel buff stuff i’m often buying and seeing if i end up trashing it – Or if it’s legit and I can’t live without it!

Either way you can get a sneak peek, and a tip or two, from some video i maintain as my FMA Kombaton Arnis ‘training log’

I am taking the plunge in 2017, going for full digital nomad lifestyle (more acceptable than going all out commando) But man is it hot in the Phils… If i make an exception, i’ll be sure to edit that out of the video.

It took some hard lessons for me to learn Life is not about what others think, my status, or ego. I felt i cannot go another day just working for the weekend, paying overpriced rents and mortgages just for a nice place to keep ones fancy stuff that you barely get to use because you work all the time. (Work is great! When it is something that inspires you, or makes a difference that fulfills you)

Please check out more vids, and hook up a thumbs up on da’ Tube – I would really appreciate your comments and support.

Maraming salamat ya’ll


  1. Wow Erik,

    I have been working and living in the Philippines for almost 2 years now, and I only get to realize and saw some of your videos. They are very meaningful and great experiences shared by you.

    Haha I’ve gotta say I have always liked Americans, the people, their culture and everything and you are just so cool and friendly as what I can sense from watching your videos haha.

    Now I won’t have to ask around where to visit in Philippines if I am to take some vacation break away from work. Perhaps if you like it I’d love to join you on your travel trips too. Anyway, I am Poh Kean (first name) Tan( last name) from Malaysia. Born and lived in Malaysia for like 20+ years and have been here in the Philippines since April 2013 🙂

    One of my life goal would be to relocate to the USA, however that is not set in stone. It’s all just been sort of like a fantasy, haha.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year in Philippines?
    Btw, where do you live in?
    I live in Makati City, and usually during my day off if I can schedule basketball court to play I’d be playing with local filipino friends, otherwise I don’t really have much places to go. I do love to travel and sightseeing, it’d be fun to meet new friends and travel together, I am just not as brave as you to travel alone haha.

    Hope to hear from you.


  2. Dear videolux.org,

    It’s nice to meet you.
    I am Hikaru Takatsuka.
    I work for a Japanese TV company and we are making some quizzes for our show.
    I would like to ask for a permission to use your video “The Statue of Liberty – Statua Libertatis”(YOUTUBE) posted on January 19th 2014, for our TV show.
    If it’s okay please let us know.

    Hikaru Takatsuka


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